Cochamó Valley, ´The Yosemite of Chile´


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Ascending through vertical walls of rock only using the strength of your feet and hands, besides of concentration, technique, balance and safety equipment provide a unique experience... doing so surrounded by the magnificence of Southern Chile will make it a unforgettable experience.

Trekka Patagonia 2015. - Puerto Montt, Chile.

Travel to valley of the Cochamó River, place of ancient forests and massive walls of granite that hold short climbing routes that stay dry even in the wettest days, or longer routes that demand longer approaches and greater effort  in the area nearby the river ´La Junta, located 5 hours walking from the town of Cochamó.

Cochamó Valley Circuit



    IMPORTANT, this circuit has been designed to be performed in 4 days.


    • Location: ´La Junta´Valley, 5km east of Cochamó.
    • Itinerary: Departure at 09:00 am. Duration of 4 days. Arrival at 20:00 pm.
    • Scenery: Cochamó river, trails, streams, evergreen forest and granite walls.
    • Climate: Mountainous rainy, rainforest.
    • Intensity: High.
    • Do not forget: mountain clothing, gloves, hat, climbing foot wear, personal equipment.


    • Shuttle Pto.Montt or Pto.Varas / Cochamó / Pto.Montt or Pto.Varas,
    • Specialized Guide Certified by the Chilean Mountaineering Federation.
    • Dinner and Breakfast
    • Snacks
    • Climbing equipment: helmet, harness, ropes, carabiner, etc,
    • Lodging at shelter.

CLP $320,000 p.p.*

* Price per person. Based on shared service of minimum 2 persons.


Certified Guide/Instructor by the Chilean Mountaineering Federation.