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Trekking, Mountaineering & Climbing

Devote to the operation of adventure tourism products, TREKKA Patagonia is a specialist in mountaineering, climbing and trekking in Los Lagos Region. Going beyond offering just products but a living experience, where you feel the pleasure of learning, knowing and value the natural and cultural heritage.


Working as tourism operator with more than 10 years of experience in the region, our team is composed of professionals from a wide spectrum of fields like, psychology, engineering, business, mountaineering and ecology. Besides, we are member of the Tourism Development Corporation of Puerto Varas and operator of Sendero de Chile NGO.


Being a benchmark of adventure related activities in the wilderness, our efforts are set on providing an enriching experience adding the concepts of innovation, high quality standards, environmentally friendly, integration and fair trade, contributing to the sustainable development of the south of Chile.


Successfully putting in place tourism activities, respecting the environment and the diversity of our destinations we ensure that the Special Interest Tourism (SIT) that we carry out allows the sustainability of the Valdivian Rainforest and the local communities, to turn them into destinations of international relevance. Our responsibility also comprise safety procedures and regulations about the management of the negative impact of our activities, in order to avoid the damage of the visited ecosystems.


We are keen to encourage you to visit one of the most beautiful and less explored corners of Chile, respecting all the time the environment and its diversity.

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Trekka Patagonia 2015. - Puerto Montt, Chile.