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The possibility of walk valleys and paths, following the passages that carry us from one place to another which allows us to begin our journey in a given town to finish on a second one, leaving behind the track without having to return. It drives us on an adventure to discover step by step a different landscape. Walking in the deep forest or mountain trail let us contemplate and feel the vastness of the wilderness of Patagonia. Every day of walking is rewarded by resting in specially choose spots to rest the body and lift your spirit.


The need for exploring and go into remote locations and discover has shaped the nomadic life style of the early humans. The spirit for adventure has left a mark in great journeys to the Poles, the Himalaya, the Andes, the ice fields and the Patagonia. Through the occupancy of these unexplored regions, observation, analysis and knowledge had let people understand, appreciate an protect nature. Join us on the journey to discover without damaging as the early settlers used to do.

El León - Cochamó Crossing, from the Andes to the Sea.

Join us on this journey, walking 6 days and 5 unforgettable nights through the Northern Patagonia on a path of long and diverse history.


Crossing from the Patagonian Steppe of Argentina to the Reloncaví Estuary in the Pacific Ocean, walking through mountain valleys, along rivers and lakes. Get closer to different stages of the Valdivian Rainforest.

CLP $450,000 p.p.*

* Prices are person based on share service, minimum 06 passangers.


    On this journey you will discover the story of notorious characters that walked by, lived and live on these valleys: hunter-gatherer, indigenous ´poyas`, mapuches, Spanish slavers and missionaries, military forces, settlers, outlaws and remarkable riders.


    You will visit several rock paintings from the early ´poyas´. a large and ancient forest of Alerces, and a monumental set of granite walls. While walking a track built in 1902 to move the cattle from Argentina to the Pacific and to build a telegraph line.



    • Location: Argentinian and Chilean Andes mountain range, Valleys of Manso and Cochamo rivers.
    • Itinerary: Day 1 Departure at 09:00 am. Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt – Paso El León (International Crossing), Day 6, Arrival 20:00 pm. Cochamó Town / Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt.
    • Scenery: tracks with water streams, evergreen forest, mountain lakes, granite rocks, Alerces and rock painting.
    • Climate: Rainy, mountain rain, rainforest.
    • Intensity: medium high.
    • Do not forget: Travel documents, small hiking backpack (gloves, hat, sunblock, sunglasses, personal bottle) and camping backpack with personal gear (footwear for trekking, spare clothing for 6 days and sleeping bag), the last one will be carried by packhorse.


    • International Shuttle Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas - Paso El León (Argentina) / Cochamo - Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas (Chile),
    • Lodging in tents: 01 night at Camping La Pasarela (Argentina), 03 nights at Torrentoso, Lago Vidal Gormaz and El Arco areas, and 01 night at Camping La Junta.
    • Local cuisine, expect breakfast, snack and dinner from the first day of journey.
    • Specialized guide.
    • Packhorse
    • First aid kit and VHF radio.

6 days trekking


Feel the aroma of dump earth and the soft breeze of the wind while you get deep inside ancient forests of Lenga, Ñirre, Coigüe, Arrayán and Canelo. Get to know the secrets of the rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Listen to the interrupting singing of the Chucao in the quiet forests of the mountain.


Walk the track that connects Todos Los Santos Lake with Rupanco Lake weaving along the slopes of the Puntiagudo volcano, remarkable volcano among the steep heights of the region.

El Callao Valley - Las gaviotas

Trekka Patagonia 2015. - Puerto Montt, Chile.

CLP $250,000 p.p.*

*Prices are per person, based on shared service. Minimum of 2 passengers.

3 days trekking



    This cross-country walk will surprise you with wooden hot baths to enjoy in El Callao Valley. Where settlers are living since the 1800's on this mountains. This journey ends after crossing between two of the great lakes of the south of Chile; Todos Los Santos lake and Rupanco Lake to finally arrive at the settlement of Las Gaviotas, from where we will return to the city.



    • Location: Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park. 100 Km northeast from Puerto Montt.
    • Itinerary: departure at 09:00 am. Duration of this adventure is 3 days, Arrival at 20:00 pm.
    • Scenery: walk tracks, native forest, waterfalls, hotsprings, lakes and volcanoes.
    • Climate: Rainy of mountain.
    • Intensity: medium high.
    • Do not forget: mountain clothing, gloves, hat, sunglasses, sunblock and personal bottle.


    • Shuttle Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas / Todos Los Santos Lake - Rupanco Lake / Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas,
    • Lake navigation at Todos Los Santos lake and Rupanco lake,
    • Specialized guide,
    • Lodging at rural accommodation,
    • Local cuisine, expect every meal from the first day (Breakfast, snack and dinner).